Let me introduce myself. I’m a Travel Artist. I first started travel sketching in Japan (where I won a scholarship to study Art & Design), then Alaska and the Caribbean (where I worked as a cruise ship photographer), but it wasn’t until I backpacked around Europe in 2014 (travelling via interail, drawing in twelve cities and eight countries) that I truly fell in love with sketching and painting the world.


My dream is to follow in the footsteps of the original sketchbook explorers (the first travel bloggers). 18th century artistic adventurers who didn’t just walk upon a lost temple in Egypt, and then take a selfie. Artists like Vivant Denon drew what they saw, spending time to study the world around them, taking in the life of the scene. When you sketch a scene, you don’t only capture a drawing of a place, but a memory of everything that happens as you draw. You interact with what you sketch. You become part of the scene. Especially when locals and tourists stop to watch and talk to you.


Just like those early sketchbook explorers, I plan to record my exploration in a personal, human way. I want to build a travel art blog for everyone. A place full of unique travel art and written memories. A place for anyone to see the amazing complex world we live in, through the eyes of a Sketchbook Explorer.

So follow me, as I set about to discover the world, sketchbook in hand.

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