Photograph. ‘Terezin, Czech Republic.’

Graffiti left behind by Jewish prisoners and guards of the Terezin Ghetto. The 18th century fort, where Gavrilo Princip (the assassin who ignited WW1) died, held 150,000 Jews during WW2. 33,000 Jews died in the ghetto, and over 80,000 were sent on to concentration camps, including Auschwitz. @davidasutton @sketchbookexplorer #b&w #photography #bohemia #czechrepublic #travel #travelblog #terezin #ww2

2 thoughts on “Photograph. ‘Terezin, Czech Republic.’

  1. HI David! Have been to Terezin! It was an emotional experience where I also had the opportunity to meet a survivor of the ghetto.

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