Quick Sketch. ‘Großer Garten, Dresden.’

A giant park / baroque country estate in the centre of Dresden. Come join the walkers, long-boarders, rollerbladers and roller-skiers. At the centre of the park sits the Sommerpalais. sketchbookexplorer.com @davidasutton @sketchbookexplorer Facebook.com/davidanthonysutton #drawing #sketch #dresden #travel #travelblog #palace #großergarten 


2 thoughts on “Quick Sketch. ‘Großer Garten, Dresden.’

  1. Just a hint, David: “Großer Garten” translates to “big garden”. The funny letter ß stands in German for sz and is pronounced as an unvoiced s. But if you read it as “Grober” it will translate as “rude” or “rough”. Nonetheless your sketches are really beautiful.

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