Prague’s Coffeeshops (Part two)


You want more bohemian gems and arty hideaways? Here you go then.


Cafe Montmartre
This Cafe is imbued with neglected charm, with a twist of Paris. It beckons you in with a Parisian shrug of jazz music. The vaulted ceilings and unpretentious seating and decor give the place a cozy feel. Though located in the heart of the old town, this cafe seems unaffected by the floods of tourists, and remains very Czech, and surprisingly quiet. An oasis of coffee.


Řetězová 7, 110 00 Praha 1


Cafe Platyz
Positioned in a pleasant courtyard, opposite an art store (just incase you need supplies), this cafe feels spacious and airy. Its classically designed and vaulted interior is elegantly decorated. With plenty of natural light, this is a great place to doodle. And with the art store within sight, there are no excuses.

Národní 416/37, 110 00 Praha 1


Cafe Colore
Mixing old architecture and modern decor, with more than a stroke of colour (well it is called Cafe Colore), this cafe feels both classy and friendly at the same time, thanks to the welcoming staff. They also serve a mean hot chocolate, but other drinks are available.

Palackého 740/1, 110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město


Cafe Imperial
Imagine a cafe influenced by Art Deco styling, itself influenced by late nineteenth century discoveries in Ancient Egypt. Think glimmering pale walls and pillars of decorated stone. Then top it off with some Art Nouveau touches. Now, you have it – Cafe Imperial. It doesn’t feel like the cafe has changed for a hundred years, though apparently it has been renovated. Agatha Christie’s Poirot would feel right at home here.


Na Poříčí 15, 110 00 Praha 1


Kavarna Liberal
Are you looking for a laid back, bohemian, cultural haven? But you also want grand pre-war architecture and styling? That may be a tough challenge in another city, but not in Prague. I have just the place in mind – Kavarna Liberal. This cafe and bar typifies what I love about Prague. It’s a blend of amazing, elegant and yet unpretentious design, with an atmosphere of quiet thought and contemplation. Thought, culture and friendship, without ego and pomp.

Heřmanova 6, 170 00 Praha 7


Duende Cafe
With a cafe dog called Luna, and walls covered in eclectic decorations (old film posters and adverts, a lifebuoy and musical instruments), what is there not to like about Duende Cafe. This small arty cafe and bar is crammed with interesting objects and artwork. It has a distinctive alternative vibe, not uncommon in Prague. Just a short stroll from Charles Bridge, it’s perfect for a break from the tourist trail.

Karoliny Světlé 277/30, 110 00 Praha 1


Au Gourmand
This small cafe, restaurant, patisserie and boulangerie has pale, and elegantly patterned, tiled walls and colourful mosaic table tops. There is a boutique Parisian feel. This place would seamlessly fit in, if it were located just off the Champs-Elysees. And they make an amazing peppermint hot chocolate.

Dlouhá 614/10, 110 00 Praha 1


Carverna Alchymista
Sip your favourite beverage to the sounds of modern swing and the likes of Zaz, in this quirky and nostalgic cafe. There is a wonderful selection of cakes on display, and a garden through the back. If you’re lucky enough, you might spot the cafe cat snoozing in a cove above a radiator. Though it’s a little way from the main tourist centre, it’s well worth a visit.

Jana Zajíce 975/7, 170 00 Praha 7


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